Dmitry Arkadievich Tatarskiy — scientific secretary of the Symposium,

Maria Vladimirovna Zorina

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Title sponsor

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments

Development, production and support of research instrumentation, primarily, atomic force microscopes and its combinations with ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy for nanotechnology and its applications.

Phone: + 7 (499) 110-2050


“Proton” factory

Serial production of metrological equipment for linear measurements from 0.2 nm to 200 mm.

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Phone: +7 (495) 364-60-93

Melytec Testing

The largest supplier of research equipment and services. The main activity is a comprehensive solution of problems of industrial and research organizations in the field of materials science, chemical and phase analysis, as well as physical and mechanical testing.

Phone: +7 (495) 781-07-8


Leading Russian manufacturer of cryostats and cryogenic equipment. Over 7 years of work, more than 50 cryostats and a large number of related equipment (helium overflow lines, nitrogen dispensing systems, helium collection systems, etc.)

The company currently offers a wide range of cryostats for any application. List of produced equipment:

  • filling cryostats, flow and closed type, as well as open flow cryostats;
  • optical and non-optical cryostats, as well as special performance (cryostats for neutron diffraction, Mössbauer experiments, etc.);
  • superconducting magnets dry, flooded and with recondensation; with variable temperature insert or warm hole;
  • overflow devices for liquid nitrogen and helium with EVTI;
  • non-standard equipment for any user tasks.

In addition, the company supplies consumables and services for cryogenic equipment, including routine maintenance of cryocoolers and helium compressors.

Tel.: +7 (495) 1207089


SCONTEL was founded in 2004 by graduate students and employees of the Radiophysical Lab of Moscow Pedagogical State University under the leadership of prof. G. N. Goltsman. The company specializes in the development and creation of superconducting nanostructures — high-speed single-photon detectors (SSPD/SNSPD) and terahertz bolometers (THz HEB), as well as receiving systems based on them. SCONTEL develops and installs cryogenic equipment — cryostats based on closed-cycle cryo-refrigerators and LHe cryostats.

Detailed information about the company’s scientific developments and products is presented on the website