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XXIInternational symposium
“Nanophysics & Nanoelectronics”

Nizhny Novgorod
March, 13-16, 2017



Alexey Vital'evich Novikov — scientific secretary of the Symposium,
Maria Vladimirovna Zorina

Phones: +7 (831) 417–94–80 +101,
+7 (831) 417–94–76 +520

Fax: +7 (831) 417–94–74


XXI Symposium “Nanophysics & Nanoelectronics”

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Let us invite you and your colleagues to take part in XXI Symposium «Nanophysics & Nanoelectronics».

Format of the symposium and official languages

It is supposed to have about 50 invited talks in the key subjects of the program and about 100 oral talks selected by the Program Committee. The posters will be the main form of presentations at the symposium (about 200).

The working languages of the symposium are Russian and English. Due to a number of foreign participants, it is recommended to prepare all presentations in English.

Place and conditions of residence

The Symposium will be held in sanatorium «Avtomobilist» near Nizhny Novgorod. The accommodation is provided in single and double rooms. Three meals per day and coffee breaks will be served between sessions.

The order of payment for participation in the Symposium

The payment of participation in the Symposium includes registration fee, which must be done on or before 23th January 2017. Further payment details will be explained in the second announcement.

Registration and talks selection

For participation in the Symposium it is necessary to fill the registration form until November 7, 2016 and submit a one-page abstract (in any form) in your account at the website of the Symposium.

The selection of talks will be done on the basis of abstracts.

The decision of the Program Committee for information about the selected and rejected contributions will be sent with the second announcement after November 28, 2016.

Publication of the materials

Papers accepted for the Symposium should be sent to the Organizing Committee via the private office at the symposium web-site on or before 23.01.17. The conference proceedings will be ready by the beginning of the Symposium.

It is planned to publish articles based on the symposium materials in the journals «Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov»and «Poverhnost».

Rules for paper’s submissions will be presented in the second announcement.


The main sections of the program

  1. Superconducting nanosystems;
  2. Magnetic nanostructures;
  3. Semiconductor nanostructures: electronic and optical properties, methods of formation;
  4. Probe microscopy: the measurement and technology of atomic and nanometer scale;
  5. Multilayer and crystal X-ray optics.